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13-Aug-2016 08:46

As always, though, I want to make it clear that my biggest goal is to help you…so if I come off harsh or very blunt at any point, it’s nothing against you personally.

By asking him to be more than friends, you ask him for a greater commitment.Everything’s great when we spend time with each other. It doesn’t mean he’s a bad guy who “uses” women and is totally selfish; it just means he has other priorities in life right now (like his career.) He’s afraid that if he says yes to your proposal with the little he can offer, he will fail to live up to your relationship expectations. At this stage of the game you’re excited to see him whenever he can make the time. Suddenly you’re feeling sad and neglected when he doesn’t make time for you, rather than appreciating him for when he does.We do get intimate when we see each other and at other times we just hang out. The little he is able to give you is enough to satisfy and make you happy. The dynamics will grow tense and the innocent joy you felt with each other will drown in the overwhelming tides of expectations and disappointments.The "booby prize" in life is trying to understand or change the behavior of an emotionally unavailable person.

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(Only they can change themselves.) People can be for both healthy and unhealthy reasons.So I want you to know that I am putting this out there to help and inspire everyone to have more dating success, to point fingers. ” and pretty much any sentence that begins with ‘why didn’t you,’ it’s like nails on a chalkboard.