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Established in 1991, New Reg are trusted DVLA Registration resellers who have been trading Personalised DVLA Registrations online since 1996.

We were largely responsible for making Cherished Number Plates and DVLA Registrations more affordable.

The 14-plate, which is due to start appearing on new cars in March next year, is a boon for personalised number plate fans as it can be made to appear to read as a I or an A.

It is also responsible for plates such as TR14 DDS, AL14 LAH, CR14 PLE and BU14 SHT.

As part of our service New Reg can also manufacture and supply the physical number plates at highly competitive prices - saving you the time and trouble of getting them from a third party supplier, Plus - If you require, skilled New Reg administrators can handle the entire car registration transfer process on your behalf, guaranteeing a seamless transition to your new private registration. Or need help with the transfer of your personalised registration?

Below are some of the most common areas people need help with when buying a number plate.

This included variations of number plates such as BU63 GER, FA63 HAG, FA63 GTT, HU63 NOB and NO63 END.Speedy Registrations offer some of the lowest prices and best deals in the industry for personalised number plates but our Dateless Reg Plates can go onto any age vehicle.They are numbers which were not released for a specific year and so if you are looking for a low cost number that can go on your 1960's classic then look no further.General Questions about Car Registrations We give you a summary of general questions and answers about personalised vehicle registrations.

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If this is the case and you want to register it, follow all the instructions for registering a vehicle for the first time.

Our number plate search engine is the best in the business.