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And when they decide to marry, they make every effort to make the marriage stable and a success.Chinese women are not ladies who make flights of fancy, or are just waiting for the better deal.Included in the package is match-making help from experts followed by various meetings with different men in her hometown, Shenzhen. Since both of them are semi-retired, they travel often – having just returned from a honeymoon trip to New York and Canada – while plans to purchase a house together in Shenzhen are already in the making. The change in attitudes among Chinese women toward dating, marriage, and divorce have come as a result of the severe gender imbalance in the country, where census data placed the ratio in 2010 at 118 males to 100 females.Yu’s story is illustrative of a recent phenomenon in China, where there used to be huge stigmas attached to divorce and online dating, especially for women – not to mention older women. And I believe many of us have already changed.”Enjoying this article? By 2020, an estimated 24 million Chinese men will be “leftover” – a derogatory term, usually reserved for Chinese women who have failed to marry by the age of 30 despite higher income and educational background.Women in China, 67 years ago, could be traded to marry someone they had never met before.If a woman did not like her husband and tried to escape, she might suffer from more abuse and even rape.Yu Li was sitting on the sofa covered by plastic film in her almost empty living room with tears and sniffles, staring at her ex-husband moving things out of their luxury house in Shenzhen, China.

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Yet when Yu’s three-decade-long marriage broke up because of her husband’s infidelity and new fatherhood, she was the one who initiated the divorce. With the increase of “leftover” men in China, the tides seem to have turned, empowering Chinese women who seek marriage partners.

“I no longer think women can just stay at home and so-called ‘take care of the family,’” she said. However, this sense of empowerment is only reserved for those with greater socioeconomic status, and even then only to a certain extent.

Eventually, Chinese women are expected to make compromises and accept the destiny of a married life.

“It is now okay to marry someone divorced or widowed.Because of demographic changes linked to selective sex abortions and practices by couples who would prefer to have a male child, by 2020, an estimated 24 million men will be “leftover,” or unable to find a mate.