Validating button click vb 2016

07-Aug-2016 01:05

validating button click vb 2016-7

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Probably Beta 2 behaves a little differently than previous versions, intended or not...

It does not work if you click Enrollment button wihtout providing any input in the controls. When the user chooses the button, it not only carries out the appropriate action, it also looks as if it's being pushed in and released and is therefore sometimes referred to as a push button.For More Information See "Clicking Buttons to Perform Actions" in "Forms, Controls, and Menus" for a simple demonstration of the Command Button control.You will likely use one or more command buttons in your application.

To add command buttons to a form, draw them on as you would any other control.

At design time, you can set this property by selecting it from the control's Properties window.